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We stock 100% recycled paper, 100% Wind power processed paper and Forest Friendly papers.

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NLP_newmini_cmyk New Leaf Paper leads the paper industry in the development and distribution of environmentally superior printing and office papers. We offer more than 30 spectacular product lines of coated, uncoated, and board grade papers and all are environmental leaders. Printers, designers, corporations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations choose New Leaf Paper for high quality, affordability, and environmental responsibility. Our Inventory Items are manufactured with non-polluting, renewable energy certified by Green-e®, the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products.  From: www.newleafpaper.com

Reincarnation Matte
92 Bright
100% Recycled, 50% Post-Consumer Waste, Processed Chlorine Free
Manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates.
Ancient Forest Friendly
New Leaf Reincarnation Matte combines superior print performance, unrivaled environmental specifications, and affordably-priced far below other coated papers with premium matte coatings. More and more companies recognize the advantages of high quality matte coated paper. The ink gloss gives a subtle shine to imagery while the matte surface provides a classy, nonreflective background for copy. Reincarnation Matte is suitable for high-end lithography, while still affordable for large run applications, such as catalogs, magazines, and annual reports.
New Leaf Primavera Gloss & Silk
91 Bright
80% Recycled, 60% Post-Consumer Waste, 80% Processed Chlorine Free
Primavera Gloss is manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates.
FSC certified
Ancient Forest Friendly
New Leaf Primavera is a true market leader combining high brightness, high print fidelity, competitive pricing and leading environmental specifications. This double-coated sheet is made with 80% recycled content, including 60% post-consumer waste. The 20% virgin fiber comes from sustainably managed forests and is FSC certified.

logo_mohawk Mohawk Paper – Tackling climate change by reducing emissions is becoming just as important as
using recycled paper. Windpower is an emission-free, renewable source of energy.  In 2003, Mohawk became the first paper mill, and one of the first large-scale production  facilities in the United States, to use non-polluting, wind-generated electricity for  manufacturing. Mohawk is a national leader in the use of wind energy which provides  about 100% of the electric power required for all our operations. From: www.mohawkpaper.com

Mohawk Paper – 100% Wind power paper
Mohawk is dedicated to using raw materials responsibly, both in our processes and in our products. In addition to dedicating wind-generated electricity to manufacture several lines of paper, we make a wide range of 100% recycled papers and source our virgin fiber from well-managed forests. Our products allow our customers to make sound choices about the papers they use.

For example, specifying a typical 10K printed on Options, 100% PCW, Cream White, Smooth, 70 text (101,000 sheets or 14,140 pounds): 100,000 copies, 1c/1c, saddle stitch booklet, finished size 8.5×11, generates environmental benefits equivalent to:
• Not driving 7,070 miles in an average automobile
• 12,562 lbs. of atmospheric emissions eliminated
• 96,152,000 BTUs of energy not consumed
• 391.97 lbs. of waterborne waste not generated
• 135.74 trees not cut down

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