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Getting Started

Receiving Files:  We can Mac or PC format files via email or if you have a large file or project, through our file upload page.  We also offer Free pickup and delivery on larger jobs – Please call for details.  303.797.5502

File Formats: All quoted prices are based on a “PDF” file.  The print quality will only be as good as the file you provide.  Make sure your PDF is set to “press” quality.  If the image extends to the edge of the page make sure you provide a “bleed” on your file.  Call us if you have any questions on PDF settings.  Also, make sure you request a proof if you would like to insure your job comes out looking exactly as you expect.

Proof: Your first proof is FREE and additional proofs cost $15 plus any system time that has been requested.

Native files:  We accept files in InDesign, Illustrator, Publisher, Word, Photoshop, Tiff and EPS formats.  However, additional charges may apply for files other than PDF files.  Call us if you have any questions.  We would would be happy to help you with a few of the setting up front and avoid unnecessary file manipulation later in the printing process.

Application File: Make sure the document size is set correctly to the content. This will assure the crop marks are in the correct position. Allow bleeds to extend outside of crop area (Do not gang jobs unless you are cutting them yourself).

Graphics Files: Submit only TIFF or EPS file formats regardless of platform. All colors should be specified as CMYK, if you are trying to match other CMYK printed products. Colors specified as PMS or RGB will be printed with our extended gamma press.  The colors should be more accurate but may not match other less vibrant presses.

Fonts: Make sure you include all the fonts used in your document, as well as the fonts used in your linked graphics and or logos.

System Time Charges: Our shop rate is $45 per hour on design projects and $80 per hour for any system time requested – unless rate has been prearranged.  We will always notify you before we start work on your project.

We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Please call us toll free at 303.797.5502.

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