Mailing Services


New – EDDM Service

USPS® is now offering a great service known as Every Door Direct®.  At a fraction of the price it would cost to send first class mail, EDDM (Every Door Direct®) lets you target a specific geographic area or neighborhood.  In the past, only companies that could afford to do large mailers would receive this “Walk Sequence” rate.  The only option most people had was to hand deliver flyers or door hangers.

Here is an example of the great prices:

1,000 Postcards printed and mailed for $399

6.25 x 9 postcards, printed in full color, two sided, sorted, banded and delivered to a metro Denver post office.

Call for details and we will quote you a custom plan just for you.

Standard Mail Services Include:

We also offer traditional mailing service to target specific business industry (SIC codes) or Consumer (interest targeted) lists.  Combined with our variable data expertise and we can help you achieve your maximum return on investment.

Address Quality – CASS-certified address correction, real-time USPS® change-of-address updating and duplication searching make your mailings more cost effective.

Barcoding & Mail Sort – Complete, advanced support for First-Class, Periodicals and Standard Mail.

Template Architecture – Allows you to save frequently used tasks as reusable templates. A big time saver!

Real-time Move Update service – Gets you up-to-the-minute change-of-address data without delay.

Variable Data – 100% variable content printing is now possible—in full color. This opens up endless opportunities in one-to-one marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), direct mail, call-center fulfillment, sequential numbering and security solutions—for any application that calls for different individual printed pieces.


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