Variable Data Printing

Save resources by increasing response rates

Do you want the benefits of direct mail but, would like to minimize your environmental impact?.  When you use full color variable data in your mail piece, chances are you will increase your response rate by 3 to 5 times.  The benefit, you can mail fewer pieces and still get the response your looking for.  What’s more, personalizing content is proven to increase your return on investment – please ask us about our success.


Benefits of Direct Mail

  • 95% of American households collect, assess and sort mail daily.  Includes X (born: 1967 – 76) and Y (born: 1978 – 94) generations
  • 75% rate mail as having immediate value
  • 63% of Gen X – Y enjoy getting catalogs in the mail
  • Multi-media shoppers spend 30% more than single-media shoppers
  • 37% of eCommerce dollars come from catalog recipients
  • Mail is the least intrusive form of non-verbal communication

Source: USPS

1000 Full color digital printing by HP
One of the main advantages of digital printing is that every printed piece can be totally different from the previous one. For the first time, 100% variable content printing is now possible—in full color. This opens up endless opportunities in one-to-one marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), direct mail, call-center fulfillment, sequential numbering and security solutions—for any application that calls for different individual printed pieces. With HP Indigo Yours Truly, printed content can now be controlled by data from a database or direct input from a web site. (from HP’s web site)


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